On January 17, Samsung is Set to Unveil New Phones That Are AI-Powered!

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On January 17, Samsung will introduce its latest Galaxy phones at a press conference in San Jose, California, according to recent announcements.

When it comes to smartphones, Samsung is Apple’s main rival. According to Counterpoint Research, the company’s share of the worldwide smartphone market is 20%, which is higher than Apple’s 16%. Samsung, meanwhile, is second in the US phone market with 25%, only behind Apple with 53%. The addition of new functions that aren’t found on the iPhone could potentially increase its consumer base.

An “all-new mobile experience powered by AI” will be available on Samsung’s newest handsets, the tech giant announced Tuesday night. Even if we don’t know what it means, we may get some background from recent announcements made by Qualcomm and Google, two chipmakers.

In the United States, Samsung’s smartphones often include Qualcomm chips. The newest Galaxy S24, S24+, and S24 Ultra smartphones might use Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Series 8 Gen 3 processors. By default, Samsung is one of the first phone manufacturers to adopt Qualcomm’s newest processors.

Samsung Announce New Phones

In October, Qualcomm announced that certain of its latest Snapdragon CPUs will enable the direct execution of generative AI applications on mobile devices. It makes it possible for apps like ChatGPT to have offline versions that are smaller and less resource intensive. Since there would be no need to transmit questions to the cloud with on-device AI chatbots, discussions might remain private.

Also, Qualcomm showed off its chips’ ability to create graphics from text. Entering “create an image that shows a man driving a car” will result in a picture being generated. That’s pretty much what the Pixel 8 Pro’s Google Tensor G3 CPU can do. That phone has the ability to generate personalized phone backgrounds using a user-selected list of words.

Additionally, the Pixel 8 Pro is compatible with Google’s Gemini Nano AI model, which has the ability to generate written responses, transcribe audio conversations, and perform various other tasks. Videos and images can also benefit from AI enhancements.

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