Southern California Hosts the Opening of the First AI-Powered Restaurant Globally

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Recently, in Southern California, the first restaurant in the world to be powered entirely by artificial intelligence opened its doors.

The December-opened CaliExpress by Flippy uses robots to prepare the food, including the burgers and French fries. In Pasadena, you can find the eatery at 561 E. Green Street.

After placing an order, diners can observe the robots meticulously preparing their food. The news announcement also mentioned that orders can be personalized.

The idea for the restaurant was born out of a collaboration between three digital companies: the tech-forward holding firm Cali Group, the makers of the world’s first artificial intelligence–powered robotic fry station Flippy, and the software business PopID, which employs biometrics to streamline payment and ordering processes.

Burgers, cheeseburgers, and fries are the main items on the menu at this eatery. This is the first operational restaurant in the world where every single cooking procedure is totally automated, according to John Miller, CEO of PopID.

Southern California Hosts the Opening of the First Ai-powered Restaurant Globally

“Years of research, development, and investment in a family of revolutionary companies converge in this marriage of these various technologies to create the most autonomous restaurant in the world.”

In addition to reducing food and oil waste, the business asserts that this technology will practically eradicate slips and burns in restaurants. There may only be a tiny staff at the CaliExpress by Flippy kitchen, according to the press release.

As an added bonus, Miso Robotics will be hosting a pseudo-museum experience at the CaliExpress by Flippy venue. Among the many exhibits available to visitors are photographic displays, experimental 3D-printed artifacts, robot arms that dance, and more.

Online reservation booking is available at CaliExpress by Flippy, but, the website appears to be unavailable as of Tuesday evening. It won’t be long until the restaurant has its grand opening.

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