Samsung Prepares for Apple’s Foldable Products with Display Expertise

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Samsung Prepares for Apple's Foldable Products with Display Expertise

Samsung is reportedly gearing up to bolster its capabilities in the realm of foldable displays, anticipating Apple’s foray into the foldable product market. The move involves leveraging the expertise gained by Samsung in crafting foldable devices since 2019. The aim is to enhance the display technology to meet the demands of Apple’s future foldable products.

According to The Elec, both Samsung Display and LG Display have initiated collaborative projects with Apple for its upcoming foldable devices. These projects reportedly include the development of display panels with dimensions reaching 20.25 inches. However, it remains unclear whether this particular panel size is associated with a specific Apple product or pertains to the manufacturing process.

Apple has long been exploring foldable display technology, evident from multiple patents filed over the years. Speculation about Samsung providing foldable display samples to Apple surfaced in September 2020, suggesting a potential collaboration. However, concrete evidence regarding Apple’s adoption of Samsung’s technology has emerged more recently.

Earlier reports in 2021 hinted at Apple’s initial work on a foldable iPhone with Bloomberg indicating “early work” on the project. However, at that stage, Apple was reportedly focused on the display component, lacking full prototypes for a foldable iPhone.

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Notably, Ming-Chi Kuo, a reliable Apple analyst, initially forecasted the introduction of a foldable iPhone in 2024. Subsequently, in 2022, Kuo revised his prediction, suggesting that the launch might be pushed to 2025 or beyond. This aligns with insights from display analyst Ross Young, who also indicated a potential release of a foldable iPhone in 2025 at the earliest.

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