Virgil WWE Wife: Who Was The Wrestler Married To At The Time Of His Death?

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Virgil WWE Wife

Michael Jones was an American wrestler and actor who was better known by his stage name, Virgil. He became famous as a wrestler in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF, now WWE), where he worked as Ted DiBiase’s helper for eight years.

During his time in World Championship Wrestling (WCW), he went by different names, like Vincent and Curly Bill, and was a member of the nWo group. Even after he stopped fighting professionally, he kept getting attention on social media, where he became a well-known figure in memes that became popular. Let us discuss everything there is about Virgil WWE’s wife!!

Virgil WWE’s Wife

Michael Jones was known for hiding information about his personal life from the public. There is no knowledge about his marital status right now, but it’s possible that he was married. However, there is no solid information about whether he was married, engaged, or separated when he died.

Virgil WWE's Wife
Virgil WWE’s Wife

Michael Jones’ Cause Of Death

Yahoo reports that Michael Jones, who was in WWE and played the character Virgil, has died at the age of 61. Prior to his death, he had been having health problems but the exact cause of his death has not been revealed.

Jones became well-known for his work in WWE and then WCW, where he went by the name Vincent. Even though he stopped actively fighting, he kept showing up in the ring and at wrestling events from time to time.

Jones started working in professional wrestling in 1985. He became well-known while working for WWE as Ted Dibiase’s loyal helper, who was widely called the “Million Dollar Man.” After splitting up with Dibiase, he had success by winning the Million Dollar Championship in 1991, which was a big moment in his wrestling career.

A Twitter post is given below:

Remembering Michael Jones

We are very sorry to say that Michael Jones, who many people loved and called “Virgil,” has died at the age of 61. During his incredible career, Michael, a former WWE star, won over wrestling fans all over the world. He was particularly popular as Ted DiBiase’s loyal bodyguard.

Remembering Michael Jones
Remembering Michael Jones

Everyone who had the chance to know him will cherish and fondly remember the important things he did for the sport in both WWE and WCW. The wrestling community will always remember Michael’s exciting nature and unforgettable times in the ring.

We will miss him a lot and always remember him in our hearts. During this hard time, our thoughts and prayers are with his family, friends, and fans.

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