Prepare To Soar: Vultures 2 Release Date Has Been Officially Confirmed!!

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Vultures 2 Release Date

People either love or hate Ye, but he’s here to stay, even though no one thought he would ever return to music. Even better, everyone hoped he would come back to singing, but fans have been lied to too many times. Kanye West and Ty Dolla $ign’s long-awaited joint record Vultures 1 finally came out on February 9. It is the first album in a series called Vultures.

The rapper has repeatedly pushed back the album’s release date, and he has even canceled several albums since the beginning of his career. Finally, the duo stuck to their plan, and fans got one of the most-anticipated albums of the last few years.

It was also Ye’s first track since he apologized for what he did with Kanye West in 2022. The world isn’t perfect, but at least there’s great new Ye music out there. That being said, Vultures 2 is said to be coming out soon.

Vultures 2 Release Date
Vultures 2 Release Date

Vultures 2 Release Date

The second album in the trilogy, Vultures 2, is scheduled for release on March 8, according to Genius. The record is said to come out a month after the first one, and Vultures 3 is said to come out a month after that.

This information should be taken with a grain of salt, though, because Kanye has a history of constantly delaying records. He should be praised for only delaying Vultures twice before it came out, though.

Check out the official tweet below with regard to the Vultures 2 release date:

Also, the rapper is said to be organizing a new tour for 2024 and 2025 and is talking with multiple locations right now. Once more, no one knows for sure if this tour will happen because Kanye has a history of not keeping his word. People who are fans have been let down too many times, so they won’t believe that he will go on tour until they see him live.

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