What Is Sora OpenAI? When Will It Be Available For General Public?

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What Is Sora OpenAI

Once again, OpenAI shocked the world with an amazing AI announcement: Sora, an AI video generator that can make movies that look eerily real. Some of the examples that have already been shown look a lot like live camera footage.

Sora is a diffusion model with a transformer design, which means that its neural network works like ChatGPT’s. The official release date for OpenAI has not been announced. The company does say that it wants to show people what’s “on the horizon” for AI.

Here’s what we know about Sora so far and why the video generator might not be available to everyone for a while.

What Is Sora OpenAI?

OpenAI, the company that made ChatGPT, made Sora, an AI model that can turn words into video. “Text-to-video” means that Sora turns text questions into short videos.

What Is Sora OpenAI
What Is Sora OpenAI

OpenAI wrote in a blog post this week that Sora can make complex scenes with many characters, specific types of motion, and correct details of the subject and background. The post also included links to more videos.

Check out the official tweet posted by OpenAI below:

Who Presently Has Access To Sora?

As we write this, Sora is being tested by security officials who are checking for “critical risks” and making sure the program is safe before it goes public.

However, OpenAI says that Sora has also been made available to a small group of visual artists, directors, and designers. No name is given for the artists or makers who are taking part in the trial.

There are people on the OpenAI site who seem to know something about this. They say that there will be a waiting list at some point, and that will be the first chance to get it. Unfortunately, there’s no sign of when we’ll be able to join Sora.

When Is Sora Going To Be Open To Everyone?

There isn’t a release date for Sora yet, which is a disappointment. Everything that’s been going viral on the internet for the past 24 hours comes from OpenAI’s blog post about the news.

It’s interesting that OpenAI hasn’t even given a vague hint about when it might be available to everyone; there hasn’t even been a hint that it will be out this year.

That’s not typical for such big news, and it could mean that the public release is still a long way off. But OpenAI does say that it’s sharing its research early.

When Is Sora Going To Be Open To Everyone?
When Is Sora Going To Be Open To Everyone?

How Does Sora Work?

OpenAI said this week that Sora is a diffusion model that creates a video by beginning with one that looks like static noise and changing it over time by taking out the noise one step at a time.

The system functions similarly to the GPT family of language models, which underpin ChatGPT, the company’s chatbot. A “transformer” design is a type of neural network that takes inputs and “transforms” them into outputs. Videos and photos have been fed into Sora as data units, or “patches,” via OpenAI.

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