San Jose Companies Can Now Access Free Security Cameras to Help Fight Crime

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On Wednesday, a police captain and the mayor of San Jose brought new equipment into a restaurant in the Edenvale neighbourhood. According to owner Licha Montez, her family has been in the cafe business since 1969, when it was in a different location. Criminal activity is now influencing her business.

A lot of things have passed by us. This shopping centre was the site of the murder of a young guy. “A man once came in brandishing a knife,” Montez remarked. Mayor Matt Mahan (D-San Jose) instituted a new programme, the “Capture Crime” pilot programme, to address the issue of crime in high-crime zones.

“We need to leverage technology to fill the gaps,” he commented. “Studies have shown that surveillance cameras can reduce the overall crime rate by 25%.” Fifty local small companies will be eligible to get free surveillance cameras, monitors, and an external hard drive as part of a $75,000 programme that runs for two years.

Officials have stated that the cameras can keep photos for up to 30 days, and they need registration with the San Jose Police Department.

An investigation’s focus is on digital evidence, such as photos of the crimes itself, whenever possible. They pose a greater threat when our information is limited, as stated by Captain Brian Spears.

San Jose businesses to get free surveillance cameras

While Sam Liccardo was mayor of San Francisco in 2022, he initially proposed this experimental programme. For the next two years, Mahan will be the one to carry that torch.

Reducing crime, according to some experts, will ease financial strain on many small businesses. I think this is a great show. It’s an improvement over the previous one.

Greg Woods, a professor at San Jose State University’s Department of Justice Studies, expressed the hope that it will help the city of San Jose retain a prosperous corporate environment. With the new equipment, Montez thinks her family’s eatery will be safer.

“We would have the videos and that would help if somebody comes and commits a crime,” according to her. “And police would have access to those videos, and they could go find the person responsible.”

Only Montez, the business owner, has enrolled in the programme thus far. By contacting the San Jose Police Department’s crime prevention section, city and police authorities are hoping to enlist the help of others.

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