Artificial Intelligence Photos of John Oliver and Taylor Swift Trigger His Anger Response

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The recently crowned Super Bowl champion may have found a surprising ally in the form of John Oliver, even though Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are the reigning sweethearts of America.

On Monday night, Oliver was Stephen Colbert’s featured guest on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. During their conversation, Colbert brought up the Super Bowl, where Swift was present to support her boyfriend.

“A lot of your fans have started using AI to pair you up,” Colbert informed Oliver, “but I don’t know if you are aware of this.” After then, Colbert displayed a number of computer-generated pictures of “Taylor Swift” and “John Oliver,” one of which showed the two of them drinking from the bar of what appeared to be a rustic saloon.

There’s you and Taylor, and I think you’re an adjunct professor of cowboying,” Colbert joked, pointing out the cowboy hat and glum expression on the false Oliver.

And here’s one more. “This is from a special called ‘Taylor and the Nearsighted Prince,'” Colbert remarked, displaying yet another image of artificial intelligence Taylor donning a glittering tiara and gesturing towards a spectacles-free Oliver, who was holding a drink.

John Oliver Reacts to ‘Upsetting’ AI Pics

Colbert then asked Oliver whether he was aware of a trend that involves pairing him with Swift (and apparently a lot of cocktails) after showing him a couple more photographs, each of which was more bizarre than the previous.

Oh no. “I had no clue,” the amazed host of Last Week Tonight said. “Does this make you happy or sad?” Colbert inquired. “Well, it’s frustrating, but at least it’s improving,” Oliver remarked. I can see how that could be helpful for Taylor down the road.

It could be worse, she can tell herself when she’s unhappy about anything else in her life. It’s going great for me. I cherish my family. Someone I adore is my spouse. Who knows? It might have been me.

In keeping with his lighthearted probing, Colbert asked his visitor if he was willing to “take Travis Kelce in a fight.” In response, Oliver asked, “Are we verbally sparring?” while laughing. Words are my weapon of choice. I pray he acknowledges that I prefer to use that weapon.

It is heartening to note that not all AI technology is malicious, especially in light of the recent malicious use of AI-generated photographs of Swift. Swift is allegedly contemplating legal action against the deepfake pornography that went viral on X last month. I find some of it downright strange.

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