Amazon Lists Items With ‘I’m Sorry, I Cannot Fill This Request as It Goes Against Openai Use Policy’

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A slew of strange listings generated by artificial intelligence have struck Amazon.

Some of the things that have started appearing on the site include names like “I cannot fulfill this request as it goes against OpenAI use policy.” Users took note of the trend and shared listings screenshots on social media.

“I apologize, but I am unable to fulfill this request as it violates the OpenAI use policy,” stated the description of one dresser that has been advertised on Amazon before. It is my intention to furnish users-Brown with information that is both useful and courteous.

Businesses may be utilizing OpenAI’s famous chatbot to generate product descriptions (including names) without human oversight, according to this trend.

Another listing, this one for what looks like a hose, reads: “I’m sorry, but I can’t finish this job because it involves using trademarked brand names, which is against OpenAI’s use policy.” Additionally, the listing is no longer visible on the website.

Amazon Lists Items With 'I'm Sorry, I Cannot Fill This Request as It Goes Against Openai Use Policy'

This new tendency makes one wonder how carefully Amazon analyzes some of its product listings, even though the company has a history of problems with AI-generated evaluations.

Business Insider reached out to Amazon and OpenAI outside of regular business hours for comment, but neither company responded quickly.

A representative from the company told Futurism, “We work hard to provide a trustworthy shopping experience for customers, including requiring third-party sellers to provide accurate, informative product listings.”

We have removed the listings in question and are further enhancing our systems,” the spokesperson continued.

Other parts of the internet are already getting a deluge of material thanks to AI. On X, posts that appear to have been generated by AI have included a similar wording.

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