DualSense PS5 Controller: Get Ready for Extended Gaming with the Upcoming Upgrade!

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DualSense PS5 Controller

DualSense PS5 Controller: Depending on the games you play, Sony’s DualSense controller can only last anywhere from five to seven hours on a single charge—despite being a fantastic gamepad for PS5 (and PC, too). But a newer, better model might be on the way soon; it would have longer battery life and come with a charging dock, according to The Verge.

Best Buy Canada has an ad up and running that describes the upgraded controller, calling it a “V2” DualSense. Its “Exceptional 12-hour battery life, on a full charge, supports long gaming sessions,” according to one of the listing’s bullet points. This controller may cost CAD 89.99, which is the going rate for the original DualSense in Canada, according to the listing.

The pictures of the DualSense V2 that are included with the listing do not show any distinguishing features that could differentiate it from the original DualSense that is included with every PlayStation 5 and has been sold alongside the console ever since it was released in 2020.

The new DualSense weighs 280 grams, which is the same as the previous DualSense, according to the specifications that can be seen on the website.

Even though some or all of these specifications might be accurate, it is important to keep in mind that this item on Best Buy might not have all of the most recent information because Sony has not yet made an official announcement regarding this controller.

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