Google Assistant Feature Exodus: What’s In Store for Users?

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Google Assistant Feature

Google Assistant Feature: The 17 functionalities that Google Assistant has deemed “underutilized” are set to be removed. The tech company is reportedly laying off a lot of employees, including a sizable number from its Google Assistant division, so these adjustments are happening at the same time.

The feature cuts, which Google claims will lead to a “more consistent experience” for virtual assistant users, were detailed in a blog post published by the tech company on Thursday.

Google Assistant's Feature
Google Assistant Feature

A connection with Calm for meditation, voice control capabilities for Fitbit Sense and Versa 3 devices, the ability to check personal travel schedules, and more are among the features that will soon be available. Here you may find the whole inventory of features that will be removed.

Beginning on January 26th, a notice will be shown to users who try to utilize these features, stating that they will be unavailable after a specific date. Google offered some consolation to app users who might have appreciated these features:

Despite Google’s best efforts to portray the latest modifications as an effort to streamline the Assistant user experience, it’s difficult to ignore the correlation with the recent team reduction responsible for the app’s development.

The biggest substantial layoffs at Google since it fired 12,000 employees early last year occurred Thursday when hundreds of employees were let go from the hardware and engineering departments.

Google has indicated, as have other IT businesses, that these layoffs are partially attributable to the company’s shift towards relying more heavily on artificial intelligence.

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