New Virtual Reality Headset From Apple, the Vision Pro, is Now Available in the United States

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On Friday, the virtual reality headset Apple’s Vision Pro was formally unveiled in the United States. Those who placed preorders for the headset will soon start receiving it or being able to pick it up at Apple Stores.

To commemorate the launch of the headgear, Apple CEO Tim Cook made an appearance at the company’s Fifth Avenue flagship store in New York City on Friday morning.

At the event, Cook addressed the high price of the Vision Pro to CNBC’s Jim Cramer, referring to it as “tomorrow’s technology today.” Pricing for the Vision Pro begins at $3,500.

A monthly payment plan is available, so buyers can spread out their payments, which is one way to make it affordable, according to Cook. Invention abounds in it. There are 5,000 patents covering it. With respect to its worth, “we think we priced it at the right level,” Cook continued.

Apple’s Vision Pro Headset Launches

During Apple’s earnings call on Thursday, Cook mentioned that the Vision Pro is also taking off as an enterprise product. He named a number of companies that “have started leveraging and investing” in the headset, including Walmart, Nike, Vanguard, Stryker, Bloomberg, and SAP.

With the addition of the Vision Pro to Apple’s lineup, Cook said on Thursday that the company can continue to serve “both” consumers and businesses thanks to the device’s “ton of use cases.” According to him, the headset offers over 600 applications and games created with the express purpose of providing a “spatial computing” experience.

Revenue and profitability for Apple’s fiscal first quarter were better than expected, according to the company’s report released on Thursday.

Although revenues were down 11% from the previous year, Apple’s wearables division (often called “Other Products”) still managed to meet forecasts. Although experts do not anticipate the Vision Pro to generate substantial income at launch, it does join the ranks of other wearables such as the Apple Watch and AirPods.

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