Deborah Brandao Obituary: Was The 33-Year-Old Woman’s Death An Accident Or Foul Play?

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Deborah Brandao Obituary

Deb Brandao lived in Pennsylvania and was 33 years old. Her daughter and son were very young, and she loved them very much. A horrific accident took her life in April of 2021, and you will learn more about her passing in this article.

Deborah Brandao Obituary
Deborah Brandao Obituary

Deborah Brandao Obituary

Danelo Cavalcante, Deborah Brandao’s ex-boyfriend, murdered her. She was stabbed 38 times in front of her kids, and it was very bad. The neighborhood was shocked by her death, and her two young children were scared.

In the tweet below, one Twitter user talked about what happened:

Where Is Danelo Cavalcante Presently?

Cavalcante broke out of Chester County Prison on August 31. He had just been found guilty of first-degree murder of Deborah Brando the month before. Chester County Prison is 30 miles west of Philadelphia. A huge police search began because of this.

Deborah’s family is locked up in their house and is always being watched by police. Danelo Cavalcante, Deborah Brando’s killer and ex-boyfriend, is still on the loose more than a week after jumping a wall to get out of Chester County jail. Brando’s family is afraid for their safety.

Also, he is wanted in Brazil for a murder that happened there in 2017. In an area about 8 to 10 square miles near Longwood Gardens, police are looking for the person who was found guilty of murder. The botanical area was closed after the report and won’t be open again until further notice.

You can see the official tweet below:

After it was reported that the escapee might have been seen just before noon outside of the nearby Longwood Gardens, District Attorney Deb Ryan held a press meeting to talk about the family’s fears. Ryan said:

“They do have protection and they are terrified. They haven’t left their home, They’re barricaded inside and very concerned about their safety. We do have police details around them 24 hours a day, but I know they’re very, very worried.”

What Was Said About Danelo By Deborah Brandao’s Sister?

Danelo Souza Cavalcante brutally killed his ex-girlfriend in front of her children in Pennsylvania two years ago, according to the sister of the woman who was killed. The sister said that until then, the two seemed like a great match. He was from Brazil and was a good neighbor who was also nice.

But Cavalcante seemed to change over time. Before Deborah Brando died, he finally showed anger and made threats against her.

Deborah’s sister Sarah Brando, who used to live close by and is now taking care of her own daughter and Deborah’s two kids, is shocked that he was freed and worries that he will go after her.

Here is an official tweet for your perusal:

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