Older Samsung Phones Will Probably Get These Galaxy AI Features Soon!

By Roze 3 Min Read

The official announcement regarding which of the new Galaxy AI offerings from the Galaxy S24 series would be compatible with previous devices has yet to come from Samsung.

At least four features driven by artificial intelligence are rumored to be coming to your older Galaxy smartphone, according to a Reddit post and a model comparison website provided by Samsung UK.

Live Translate, Note Assist, and Photo Assist are among the capabilities, along with Google’s Circle to Search—which makes sense given its presence on Pixel devices. The latter three are integrated into the OneUI experience through bundled apps.

For example, you can find Live Translate in the Samsung Dialer app, Note Assist in Samsung Notes, and Photo Assist in the manufacturer’s Gallery app.

Despite screenshots appearing on multiple Android sites, I was unable to locate the Samsung UK comparison page that corresponds to the images.

During its Unpacked launch event, Samsung promised that older smartphones would get some of the AI capabilities shown in the Galaxy line. It didn’t specify anything beyond saying that it was for Galaxy Z Fold 5, Z Flip 5, and Tab S9 users.

Galaxy AI Features

Although the Reddit article was popular last week, Samsung has not provided any evidence for it beyond a webpage that some users have seen. In my pursuit of further information, I went so far as to call Samsung.

At least seven heavily advertised features are absent from the list, according to code sleuth Mishaal Rahman. Among these features are generative writing assistance in the Samsung Keyboard, transcript assist in the Samsung Voice Recorder, and generative wallpaper.

One of the most exciting new capabilities of Galaxy AI, Instant Slow-mo, is also not mentioned. If Samsung will kindly publish a help page containing the required information, it would be very appreciated.

Although the new capabilities have piqued people’s interest, it is yet uncertain whether the exclusivity of AI will be enough to boost phone sales. Even if the Galaxy S24 Ultra is the best Android phone coming out this year, the features that make it stand out aren’t related to Galaxy AI.

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