New Galaxy S24 Leaks Show Pixel 8 Magic Eraser Clone, More Photos!

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Details are starting to trickle out in anticipation of Samsung’s Galaxy S24 series launch event. Recent leaks have revealed additional high-quality photographs and data about several important AI features of the Galaxy S24 series, including as an app that mimics Google’s Magic Eraser tool from Pixel 8.

What seems like a snippet from promotional materials highlighting several Galaxy S24 series highlights was posted today by @MysteryLupin on Twitter/X. That includes the much-touted Live Translate function, which use AI to render a phone conversation in a different language.

On top of that, there’s “Nightography Zoom,” a feature that improves shots taken in dim light by manipulating the zoom level. Despite the presence of telephoto lenses in Samsung’s camera suite, they aren’t always utilized while shooting in low light.

Artificial intelligence could help rectify this. “Screen Display” — we’d presume this is incomplete wording — explains the “brighter, flatter screen” which “gives you more room to do what you love.” Another point, “High Resolution,” does not use AI and just states the 200MP primary camera of the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Latest Galaxy S24 Leaks Reveal

In any case, the “Generative Edit” function is probably the most intriguing piece of information here. The feature is described by Samsung as follows:

“Move or remove objects. Fill in empty space with Generative Edit. Requires Samsung account log in and internet connection.”

Does that ring a bell? In all likelihood, there are subtle distinctions, but it sounds quite similar to Google’s Magic Eraser on the Pixel 8 series—which, as several pointed out after the series’ debut, required an internet connection and a Google Photos backup—and seemed to be functioning similarly.

Interestingly, Samsung’s internet connection is still necessary to use the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3’s on-device AI capabilities, even if they are significantly superior than Google’s Tensor processors. Leaked documents highlight that all three Galaxy S24 models will support the feature.

Similar high-quality Galaxy S24 series pictures were published earlier in the day by the same leaker. Because Samsung has been aggressively removing social media leaks, the photographs were quickly deleted. However, Digital Trends was able to acquire duplicates before they were removed.

A recent Samsung website momentarily validated the date before the corporation removed the information, although prior leaks have indicated that the launch event will take place on January 17.

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