Unifying Realms: Remnant 2 Gets Crossplay In Its Latest Update!!

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Remnant 2 Crossplay Update

With the release of its most recent version, Remnant 2 has made a ground-breaking decision that might completely change the game industry: it has added the much-awaited crossplay features. Remnant 2, created by the talented team at Gunfire Games and Gearbox Publishing, has won praise from many people for its dynamic multiplayer experience, compelling plot, and engrossing gameplay.

With the introduction of cross-platform play, gamers may now collaborate easily, overcoming obstacles and forming alliances in ways never seen before. Let’s talk over all there is to know about the crossplay update for Remnant 2!

Remnant 2 Crossplay Update

One of Remnant 2’s few drawbacks as a multiplayer, cross-platform game was that it lacked cross-play, otherwise, it was an excellent addition to co-op gaming in 2023. Now you may formally cross that con off the list.

With the latest update for Remnant 2, gamers on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S may now collaborate while playing both the original campaign and the Awakened King DLC expansion.

Take a look at the tweet below:

This week, a press statement was released by Gunfire Games and Gearbox Publishing announcing the crossplay update for Remnant 2. Although the team had considered it a top priority, the feature could not be ready for introduction with Remnant 2. Players may now play together regardless of their platform due to a fix implemented by the Gunfire team.

David Adams, the director of Remnant 2 and president of Gunfire Games, expressed his excitement at being able to announce the game’s crossplay update this week.

Remnant 2 Crossplay Update
Remnant 2 Crossplay Update

One of the most popular features of Remnant 2 has been cross-play, and our community has been waiting patiently for this feature to launch. The crew has been working very hard to make this update a reality, therefore we are very happy to release it today. There will be more Remnant 2 content released in the future, which includes the second DLC!

Remnant 2 was already a lot of fun, even without cross-play, and the Awakened King DLC made it even better. It was sufficient to place the game firmly on our list of the top 23 games of 2023 on Shacknews.

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With crossplay on top of everything else Remnant 2 has to offer, it’s still a fantastic game to play in 2024. Though there is still plenty we don’t know about the second DLC, we’re sure to find out soon. Check back here at readablevibes.com for additional information and coverage of Remnant 2.

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